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Well, I finished a new song that I like so much I put it on Father Time’s Greatest Hits.  It’s called I Can’t Say.   Let me make no bones about it, I think it totally rocks.  It’s gotten a pretty good reaction so far from the various forums I post on, however, the indie community is impotent.  They are so full of reciprocity and general self-consumption that a new song, no matter how great or important, couldn’t possibly matter.  Posterity or transcendence is just not on the table.  It always seems when new listeners hear my music they are honestly enthusiastic but other artists mostly see everything as run-of-the-mill because it’s their mill.

Personally when I hear an indie song that I really love, I want to put it in my collection.  I want to put it in the rotation of my new internet radio station (more about that on the next blog).  I don’t think most of my peers think that way.  I think they just see music as passing links.  Funny when I put the song up on facebook, I prefaced it with a pic of me with ducttape over my mouth (fitting the theme of the song).  The songlink was in the comment below so some didn’t see it but they’re much damned quicker to “like” any pic you put up than to take the leap of listening to a song.  This is the worst possible environment to give a songwriter/artist incentive to do music that has probably ever existed, due to the way the glut of indie tunes has made the artist clan weary of clicking onto links.  New songs mean less than nothing.  Honestly the climate was more stimulating when there was no internet music because an artist could at least believe in the significance of their work.  I believe this is why there is so little great music being made or great songs being written.  The potential of monetary gains is far more clearly distant a.k.a. hopeless when all this free music is constantly in everyone’s faces.

Anyway the good news is I still rock, oh yes.  🙂


Posted August 9, 2011 by fathertimemusic in angst, magic, music, rock, Uncategorized

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