the summer supposedly not lost is fading into oblivion   Leave a comment

well as of today I have a week before I start back to work.  My work is seasonal.  I basically work like a dog from September thru May, minus December.  It’s high-pressure, not fun work.  I hate it.  So the time of suffering is soon coming back.  On the plus side I’m almost done another song which is great.

I guess what I’m on to write about is that I don’t have too many regular listeners to my radio show which I put a lot of effort into.  It’s just songs, no DJ stuff.  But I think it’s the best collection of songs ever assembled.  Yeah I really think that.  Everybody has their own tastes but I think mine are better, and I have exposure to a lot of songs most have not heard.  Yes I read myself saying that my tastes are better and I feel a little foolish but really now, all tastes are not created equal.  An infant’s tastes are often based on what music he or she is fed.  I picture a scenario where one person picks out the songs one week, and somebody else picks out the songs the next week.  Where would the listening infant gravitate if he or she had to crawl to one?  All is not relative, there’s actually a definitive answer to the question if you think about it.

Do think about that.  and listen to my station, bookmark it even..


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