This must be how the Beatles felt on the day Hey Jude came out. :D   Leave a comment

Not really.  They knew a zillion people would hear it on the radio that day.  For me it will just be some friends and acquaintances, half of whom will be detached and not truly open to properly loving my song but will make a polite comment, the other half who secretly know it’s great but will refuse to give me the benefit.  ok maybe there will be a half dozen who get me and are truly open to the majesty of this release, so thanks, if that’s you.

Anyway this is an anthem, and an important song. It basically describes the results of my quest re: indie music and such from years on the web. Is it one of my best songs? Yes, the last half is particularly amazing. So, if you have the proper disposition, enjoy!

Everybody’s Into Their Own Thing


Posted September 10, 2011 by fathertimemusic in Uncategorized

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