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Well I’d say the new song was pretty popular, got a great response in many corners.  Got listened to 193 unique times, which might show that my overall circle is comparable to past days.  Of those 47 listened to the end, a pretty high percentage in this short attention span culture.  Of course there’s no hope of anything else happening than this but I did get some nice comments.  Probably my favorite came from a facebook group.


i LOVE this! It’s a revolution in itself 🙂 You are speaking for so many of us here. It’s such a cool sound, like an early edgier R.E.M and that guitar solo is full of fury and explains things in it’s very own way. I really hope that you’ve contributed this for our Music Project 🙂 *Jewels* XXX

Now I’m working on getting some backings produced on some of my previous unplugged songs, giving the aspiring producer a crack at some of them.

I did a concert on Friday and it was one of my better ones, maybe I’ll post some songs here soon.


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