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This is the peak of my work season but I actually have been working on several projects, which isn’t normally the case.  Usually I’m so whooped by my business during it’s busy seasons that music is something I just aspire to do, don’t get around to actually doing it.

However I do have a collaboration coming soon with WRC, Jr. from the Planet.  It’s a song, Angry Man, that I never would’ve probably recorded other than a demo, otherwise, but it’s sounding great, have a little bit to do on that yet.

And, today I release a political song, a satire, called The Night They Dumbed Our Country Down based on the song The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by Robbie Robertson (made popular by Joan Baez).  I’m excited about this.  I thought of the idea while I was away and couldn’t wait to do it, it seemed kind of magical.  Even the first line of the song had Cain in it so it seemed it was meant to be.  I’m hoping to get it played on one of the MSNBC shows or maybe Michael Moore will put it on his website.



oh yes, we started an Occupy Indieland group, sort of an online extension of the Occupy movement for indie artists, their friends and music fans.  Please Join if you want to be involved in Occupy and your life doesn’t permit you to camp out with the others.  http://www.facebook.com/groups/262179527154021/

Anyway it’s an exciting time, I think.


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