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I wish I could say the road I’m on is different, but I’m so constant that when it comes down to it, the most dynamic thing in my world is to just fall over in amazement regarding how I ever maintain such fresh constancy.

So how’s my music career, somebody said, jokingly.  I had a month off and I did put up 2 new offerings, one’s a collab with the Planet’s WRC Jr., a song he picked to produce the backing called Angry Man.  Not many people listened.  I have to really get people riled up to check out my songs and this felt more like a side release than a new supa dupa single so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised.  It does make ya think though.  Back in 2001-2002 when I had a fairly large following at, this song would’ve gotten tons of listens.  Now, one of my main sources for feedback I kind of fucked up because I’ve gotten involved in the political discussions and as would happen, half of everyone I got along with ok now look at me differently.  I also wrote a pretty good song I think about the Occupy movement which got hardly any response, which was disappointing.  Another board I posted on regularly I was really bummed about the lack of interest in that, as people who haven’t been there all year except when they record a rare song get a lot of attention and nobody touched my song pretty much.  I decided I feel like a second class citizen there and stopped posting there for now, though I’ll probably go back sometime out of boredom, and constancy.  heh

There just is no real arena for indies to get heard.  It doesn’t help any that it’s reached a stage where every mainstream tune you can name is easily available for free, thanks to YouTube converters and such.  How incredible is it that I’ve lived long enough to enjoy the greatest era of music, delivered in the greatest medium (vinyl), and I was at at the absolute apex of indie music (my heyday, sad to say) and now finally I’m around at a stage where there is no more rock star dream so fewer and fewer talented people even make songs.  That’s far more true than you realize.

I have kept myself busy preparing an elaborate visual scrapbook for my website, it’s only about a third done though I’ve put in many hours.  No I don’t expect many to actually look at it, but if you’ve been around with me in Indieland, were part of that culture, it will bring back a lot of thangs.  I also have been preparing an audio interview for release that I recorded not that long ago, it’s rather long so I’m still deciding on last edits but it should be available before too long.

I ran into somebody on a forum that knew a crowd I used to butt heads with, that was a bad memory, but another reminded just how many layers of online music I’ve traipsed thru.  oh, here’s something new:  I think I’ve decided to change my performing name to get a fresh start since so few have heard my music anyway.  It’s one of my precious nicknames – the last rock hope.  That’s just the way I feel.  Father Time just has little to no appeal and besides that, even though I copyrighted the name, every big site I go to put music on already has Father Time the rap act,  I’ve taken that on before but fuck it, the last rock hope feels right, now.  Should I show you my album cover ?  ok why not.



I was contemplating leaving the ? as the end of my artist name but I think when asked I’ll just say hey, go look at my record, there’s a question mark there.  🙂

I wonder what kind of year 2012 is going to be?  The prognosis is not good.  If anything though, I’m a survivor, I seem to be able to plod along at a constant pace no matter how shitty shit is.  The issue is with me, it will be what I make it, and while I’m good at some things, running the big picture of my life ain’t one of them.  Maybe this will be the year I somehow get lucky in music, why not, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.  haha   

oh here’s something else that happened.  I found this really good site for music fans, the concept of it was great.  I stated my opinions about music and got bombarded by territorial trolls, which of course you know I don’t mind cause I like hammering them.  But then the moderator got involved and blamed it on me so I left.  oh well.  I was only a visitor, there’s few places in this world I even would call home.

So that’s it for this installment, call me Good Time Challie.

oh one more thing, here’s the link to Angry Man if you haven’t heard it.

and to the Occupy song which is called America is People (not corporations)


lata peeps!


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