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Tonight I was finishing up some layered harmonies for this song and I tell ya, there’s no greater feeling in the world, I mean not even an orgasm, that compares to when you’re into music and you come up with something truly great.


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I’m about 2/3rds done a new song   Leave a comment

and it’s even better than the last one.  Seriously I’m so impressed with myself.  It’s huge, and important.  Just wait..

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We are powerless to control our culture turning into a shithole   Leave a comment

In democracy there are elections, you can throw the stinkin’ bums out.  On the other hand there is the marketplace which rules like a fascist motherfucker and gives you what they think is best for you, what their accountants deem unrisky for future profit margins.  And this is why the musical landscape has regressed like the biggest longest fall on the game Chutes and Ladders.  Okay I don’t know how the chain reaction started and I don’t even care but what I do know (since this is an area I’ve existed in for years) is that record labels don’t even look for new songwriting talent anymore.  They try to find product that tactically resembles their last success story.  I fucking hate hate hate the horrific pop music of this dying spiritless artless culture we’re stuck with and yet I see there is no possible redemption because the corporations are in power and they don’t even like music.  They’re not human, they’re all named Ledger Book.  They will stay entrenched in their decision-making capacity til long after I and you are dead.  Music doesn’t matter to Ledger Book and it is forcibly being made to not matter to anyone.  There are no risks.  The albatross megacunt companies sell generic cereal box dreck and they mostly know how well that dried-up dung will perform before they even ship a thang.  They’ve even limited their proactivity to feeding youth from 12-17.  Sure it doesn’t help that they’re bad at business too ~ and didn’t get a handle on downloading so now artistkind doesn’t even have much of an incentive driving them to greatness because of the searing impossibility that their art will be worth a dime where it all goes for free.

Face the smelly reality that whatever music used to be has been unsubtly wiped off the face of this earth.  And please don’t offer up the overused retarded argument that musical tastes are a reflection of one’s age.  Show some spine.  Not that all the spine in the world will matter because this is what we’re stuck with, the rotting soulless carcass of musical culture, as the whole enchilada that once might’ve been called the music milieu will be no more relevant than a Whamo Superball from 1965.  It’s gone, bury it.  And fuck the fucked up human excrement in suits that brought us to this place, I hope you all die simultaneously one minute after the music stops altogether, so they can’t play taps or any comforting hymns at your funerals.  The organ player can just sit on her stool and look stupid in the tuneless quiet of the celebration of your demise.

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I spent a great part of my artistic life very focused.  Spent years writing songs and learning to produce same songs in the privacy of well, private life, before I ever came on the internet and felt the deep fluidity of bonding with the world of people.  Things were much more simple back when I first found all that.  I honed in on sexual stuff at first, played a sort of mating game that was far easier and streamlined than the difficulties found in reality.  heh   I brought my music to the one big music site that existed and just by letting my freak flag fly developed a pretty large following.  Whether they were there to listen to my music or to take in the show that was FT may be debatable but either way, there were tangible results I could find some solace in.  When the indies were kicked off that grand site, a lot of things changed for me, and my peers.

Oh the glut of music files that came around during the My Space era!!  It was like your beautiful songs, your musical children were smaller than grains of sand on the largest desert on earth.  I didn’t take all this “progress” too well.  I felt, still feel like I’m swimming with no possible way to reach shore.  The more popular social network sites now are almost silly compared to back then.  Facebook, you communicate only with people you know, many of whom take you for granted far more than your average random stranger.  Twitter, you throw phrases into the night pretending someone might read it, some gather followers by sheer perseverance and you know damned well a lot of these people aren’t even capable of turning an interesting phrase, it’s beyond them.  heh

So then, the answer is, what are all these people doing blogging, uploading their new songs, writing poetry on poetry sites, presenting their serious graphic arts on art sites?  Surely some of it is the sheer joy of emoting, releasing parts of oneself, but more often, the unspoken is that you’re doing this so someone will read, listen, partake.  It’s a hopeful, attempted communication.  It’s creating and presenting yourself as a package you secretly or not so secretly hope someone will open.

My dream of becoming a rockstar, of doing anything substantial with my music has been over for awhile now.  It kicked and screamed for a number of years but I suppose when I left my deep laborious creation IAC due to my horrific partner from hell (after being so caught up in all that for 4 or 5 years), I became alert enough to fully contemplate and face my dream, see it for what it was, and put a fork in it.  Just recently I feel I’ve adjusted to my new role as artist masturbation man.  Recorded a really great CD with 21 quality songs that was finished in 2009 (Stambaugh/Wright – Coloured Vinyl), went thru various persistent machinations to get it out there but realized it was directed towards and into a vacuum, I heard the whooshing sound.  I worked on a huge project on Second Life for around 6 months, building a songwriters’ mecca with 3 virtual venues.  It was fabulous, but getting people to visit it was too difficult to want to persist in trying.  What it amounted to was, if I stayed on Second Life all day and gathered a posse, I’d have activity at my great estate.  Meanwhile, far inferior, laughably assembled slop venues would be hopping just because they put the time in gathering a clan.

What am I doing now ?  I have a wide assortment of masturbatory projects that I know with all my being no one cares about, but I’m excited about doing them.  At the same time I carry around this acute awareness that I’m pretending in my own head that the world’s gonna give a fuck.  I’m the jerkoff mastah general.  I just spent endless hours creating my dream radio station, with a format that breaks all the current rules but contains all the best songwriter songs ever created, in my opinion, anyway.  It’s called Blazing Lights in the Sky RADIO.  I’m still working on the FT website, adding an audio interview and some other past odds & ends.  Built a new gallery on Second Life which uses a lot of the content I created for the Brill Perplex called Tin Pan Alley.  I just finished a new song as you know, I’ve been writing several others in the last week or so.  There are projects within projects like this prize wheel thing I’m working on for Tin Pan Alley and of course this blog.  I have a really great song half finished on my harddrive for 3 years now that I’m finally going to try and finish.  So yes, I’m da busy beaver.  Jerking like mad and I doubt I’ll ever actually cum.  😀

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You still love me whether you admit it or not.   Leave a comment

I caught you red moused.  You slither around acting like I’m not this ultrapertinent mountain towering majestically in the dead middle of your cyber thoroughfare.  You and your charisma-intimidated board buddies want nothing more than to convince your puny, dreary half-selves that I’m not the one, the sun, the only ever fucking human fireworks display in your historical vicinity.  It’s so fun to pretend, isn’t it?   Well you had me slighly fooled, for my catbird binoculars always try to consider all the possibilities, and wtf, I’m sometimes a little bit bored by meself lately – not often, mind you.  like once last Thursday maybe..


Then I checked how many times you’d been clicking on my mayhem and Holy bouncing baby with a bullet, guess who’s the king of the prom, the main untame foot-to-the-floor sensation …………… as usual


I felt gratified as I took a phantom bow to my storied past that had remained unashamed accumulating to the present I’m about to wrap.  All that I was is still one crisply rippling sail in the flourish of what I am.  I will never lose my way again.  If you try to change my course I will engulf you in the presence you stand in awe of.  You know how you feel about me and your shattered glass facade is only a roadsign flickering by on my landscape.  I don’t need to read you.  Where I’m going is for me to culminate, and you to ponder.

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Reactions about the release of a great new song.   Leave a comment

Well, I finished a new song that I like so much I put it on Father Time’s Greatest Hits.  It’s called I Can’t Say.   Let me make no bones about it, I think it totally rocks.  It’s gotten a pretty good reaction so far from the various forums I post on, however, the indie community is impotent.  They are so full of reciprocity and general self-consumption that a new song, no matter how great or important, couldn’t possibly matter.  Posterity or transcendence is just not on the table.  It always seems when new listeners hear my music they are honestly enthusiastic but other artists mostly see everything as run-of-the-mill because it’s their mill.

Personally when I hear an indie song that I really love, I want to put it in my collection.  I want to put it in the rotation of my new internet radio station (more about that on the next blog).  I don’t think most of my peers think that way.  I think they just see music as passing links.  Funny when I put the song up on facebook, I prefaced it with a pic of me with ducttape over my mouth (fitting the theme of the song).  The songlink was in the comment below so some didn’t see it but they’re much damned quicker to “like” any pic you put up than to take the leap of listening to a song.  This is the worst possible environment to give a songwriter/artist incentive to do music that has probably ever existed, due to the way the glut of indie tunes has made the artist clan weary of clicking onto links.  New songs mean less than nothing.  Honestly the climate was more stimulating when there was no internet music because an artist could at least believe in the significance of their work.  I believe this is why there is so little great music being made or great songs being written.  The potential of monetary gains is far more clearly distant a.k.a. hopeless when all this free music is constantly in everyone’s faces.

Anyway the good news is I still rock, oh yes.  🙂

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Well, this is the first post for my new website.  Chances are if you’re here reading this, you know me already.  I -am- going to blog here regularly so this site will be dynamic, that means changing.  heh   I guess the biggest current development for me artistically is that I started a little amateur internet radio station, featuring my personal favorite songs over the years, of all eras.  A small bit of indie that made the grade was included.  Enjoy.  If you haven’t followed my music for awhile, my music page is rather vast, I sorted out basically all the songs I felt I did worthy renditions of and they are available to listen to the hifi wavs or to purchase.  Also did the same for my band project Coloured Vinyl and included a link to a page of my partner Jill’s songs of my own choosing.  Actually there’s even bigger news to come within the next few days – a release of a brand new FT rock song which is up there with the best stuff I’ve ever done, I think.  🙂

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